What is Holi and Why is Holi Celebrated?

What is Holi and Why we celebrate Holi?

In a matter of few days, the whole country will be painted with different colors. Yes, the Holi festival is just around the corner and we just can not wait to celebrate this colorful occasion. Also known as the festival of colors, Holi is played throughout the country with joy. Just like every year, people are eagerly waiting for Holi 2018 to enjoy the amazing festival and wish their loved ones a Happy Holi. Between all the celebrations and the colors, we want our young readers to take a moment and become aware of the origin of Holi. Through this post, we will tell you, ‘ what is Holi  and ‘ why is Holi celebrated ’.

What is Holi?

Here we will tell you what is Holi festival. All your questions regarding what is Holi celebrated for? And different Holi facts will be mentioned below.   

Holi is one of the major festivals of India prominently known for its colorful celebrations. Also celebrated avidly in countries like Nepal, this festival symbolizes the victory of good over evil, the legend of which will be explained later. On the occasion of Holi, people chant ‘Holi Hai!’ and play with colors called Gulaal (a colorful Holi Powder) while sprinkling water with their Holi Pichkari. The celebrations include amazing food, the most popular being the Gujhiya, and special drinks like Thandaai.

The festival of Holi gives a chance for people to meet their loved ones and spend the times of joy. The day is also seen as a chance for people to forgive each other and move forward. We can go on endlessly and keep telling you about how beautiful this day is, but the real meaning of what is Holi can only be understood when one is in the middle of celebrations like Holi India.  

Holi often falls somewhere between February and the middle of March on the full-moon evening and according to the Holi 2018 date in India Calendar, the festival will fall on 02-March. The day of Holi is granted as a National holiday, so the people and students can rejoice this day with their relatives. Before the festival, students are also made to write Holi festival essay where students write what is Holi all about. To know what is Holi festival in English, you can obtain the vital information here or use different sources like searching Holi Wikipedia. Students may also be asked to write nibandhs which require them to write what is Holi in Hindi.  

What is Holi in Hindi: Why we celebrate Holi in Hindi?

Here, we will tell you why is Holi Celebrated in Hindi. The reason why we celebrate Holi in Hindi is explained by the Hirnyakshyapa and Prahalada story.

Hirnakshyapa and Prahalada Holi story Page1Hirnakshyapa and Prahalada Holi story Page2




Hirnakshyapa and Prahalada Holi story Page3

Source: Jwalant Hindu, Facebook Page

Acchai ki burai pe iss jeet ke Prateek ke taur par Holi ko manaya jaata hai. Har saal March ke mahine ke paas sab ke mann mei ek hi sawal hota hai ki Holi kab hai? Sab iss din ko khoob Khushi aur jashn ke saath manaate hai.

Here are Some Interesting Holi Facts

  • The celebration of the festival goes long back in past according to the history of Holi it is being celebrated since the times of existence of Lord Krishna.
  • The Holi festival India 2018 will be the 69th Holi of Independent India.
  • Nepal is the second largest population to celebrate Holi.
    Why is Holi celebrated in Nepal?
    Nepal has a significant population of Hindu citizens and that is why the celebrations there are on a large scale.
  • A lot of societies in India have pledged to play a dry Holi to save water this Holi festival 2018.  

Why is Holi Celebrated in English?

Now that we know what is Holi, let us understand why is Holi celebrated. Here we will tell you why we celebrate Holi in short. You can use this Holi festival information and use it as a source to write the usual homework given by teachers around this time to write Holi festival essay explaining why we celebrate Holi in Hindi.  

According to the history of Holi, there are different legends and Holi stories that give the Holi festival information. The most popular why is Holi celebrated story is the tale of Prahalada, a devotee of Lord Vishnu, and the King Hiranyakashipu. The story tells us why is Holi celebrated in short.

According to the legend, the evil King Hiranyakashipu wanted everyone in his kingdom to worship him because of all the unnatural powers he had but he was opposed by his son Prahalada. With the failure in convincing his son to worship him, the King directed his sister Holika, who possessed a cloak which gave her the power to not burn in the fire, to sit in pyre with Prahalada in her lap. With the grace of Lord Vishnu, the cloak saved Prahalada and Holika was burnt into ashes in the incedent. Later in the story, Lord Vishnu appears in his avtara of Narsimha (half-human and half lion), to save Prahalada from the cruelty of his father and rips him into two pieces. This happens because of Prahalada’s immense devotion to Lord Vishnu.
To celebrate this day and the glory of the good over evil, Holi is celebrated.

When is Holi 2018 Date in India Calendar?

Long answer short ” Holi festival this year is on 2nd March 2018 “. It’s important to read below to know the reason.

Because of the difference in the international and Hindu calendar, people have been asking when is Holi 2018 Date in India Calendar? Well, the 2018 Holi date is on 2nd March where the Holi will be played, whereas on the 1st March Dhuleti (Choti Holi) will be celebrated.  Here is a pocket 2018 Holiday calendar India. You can use this calendar as a reference for checking all the Holidays like Holi 2018 date in India. It can also be used as the 2018 Hindu Calendar as you can find all the Hindu religious festivals in it along with the mentioned days of Purnima and Amavasya. Other festivals like the Diwali 2018 are also mentioned here.

2018 Indian Calendar (Hindu)

Check out 2018 Indian Holiday Calendar here.

2019 Calendar with Indian Holidays

Here you can find the list of Holidays in India for the year 2019. This shall answer your question as to when is Holi next year or when is Holi in 2019?

2019 Calendar with Holidays

Indian Calendar 2017 with Holidays and Festivals

Here you can find the list of Holidays in India for the year 2017, you can view the Holi 2017 date in India Calendar and compare how the Holi festival India 2017 date was so different from the other years.

Indian Calendar 2017


When is Holi?

To know when is Holi in 2018 in India, you can view the calendar in the sections above. As you can see, Dhulandi in 2018 is on the 1st of March. Holi 2018 in Bihar and other parts of India will be celebrated on the 2nd March. If you are curious about Holi 2019 date, then you must know that it will fall on 21 March. So, mark your calendars fellow Indians because when Holi in this year has approached us, it will be a great time to celebrate among the loved ones.

Holi Kab Hai?

Jaisa ki aap sab jaante hai ki February se March ke mahine ke beech, Holi ka parv manaya jaata hai. Hamare readers ne humme kai baar ye sawal poocha hai ki Holi kab hai? Hum apne readers ko bata de ki 2018 Holi Date 2nd March ko manaai jaegi. Hum ummeed karte hai ki iss post se apke sawal jaise ki, ‘2018 mei holi kab hai’ aur ‘Holi kitne Tarikh ko hai’, ka jawaab aapko mil gaya hoga.

Holi kab hai meme:

On this occasion of joy and laughs, here is a funny meme from the movie Sholay with the- Holi kab hai dialogue. Post this on your social media and tag your friends.

Holi Kab Hai Meme

Image Source: Sholay (1975)

Holi Hai! Bura Na Mano Holi Hai.

One of the most common ‘Holi hai’ song played during the festival of colors is- Holi hai Bhai Holi hai Bura na maano Holi hai. It is a very common expression among people when they throw water or colors on each other as they exclaim Holi Hai! People make sure to do a Holi Hai song download and the Holi hai song lyrics never leave their lips while they sing it. Another commonly played music these days is Holi hai song Jolly LLB. This expression is often exclaimed to remind people that this festival is to have fun and forgive by saying Bura na mano Holi hai.

So, this sums up our post of Why is Holi Celebrated? We wish you a very Happy and safe Holi. Make sure to use skin friendly Holi colors and not to waste water. Do remember to keep checking our website for new content.

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